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There’s a LOT of misinformation about depression. The most common is that all depression is the same and it just involves being sad. The truth is there are many different types of depression with different symptoms and everyone experiences depression differently. The most common are major…

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This Indian actress shut down a reporter for telling her to keep quiet about women’s rights.


still important!!!

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She consumed
The moon for
Her dinner
And clutched
The stars against
Her chest.

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Guys, hey, guys. Do you remember that time that Coulson called Natasha and she ended up forming the Avengers?  Remember how she did that by digging up Bruce Banner and introducing Steve to him then was the voice of reason when Tony and Steve were bickering and then how she brought Clint back from being mind controlled so that they can be a team? Remember that? Remember how the Black Widow out smarted a god? Remember that time she kept her shit together when the Hulk attacked her, even though she was really scared? Remember when she knocked an alien off his flying scooter and figured out how to drive it despite it being extrateresstrial tech, then got her ass up to the top of Stark Tower, found Loki’s staff and saved the world from being invaded by turning off the machine?

Remember how she was the central character of the whole freaking movie?

Anyone else remember that? I sure do. 

#and remember how they didn’t sexualize her #remember how she was independent and didn’t need a male crutch #remember how when loki implied that she needed a man she completely tore him down #remember how natasha romanov doesn’t take shit from nobody #especially not a man

and yet all they asked scarlet was how difficult was it to get in her suit

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The Italian cover for Junot Diaz’s “This Is How You Lose Her”. So dope.

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"Motherfuckers will read a book that’s 1/3 elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and White people think we’re taking over."

— Junot Díaz (x)

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This is a culture that overemphasizes the sort of heteronormative thing that for women the most important relationship of their lives is going to be the dude that they’re going to fall in love with, as if everybody is straight and that this is the script, and yet, look from my experience as a brother, my sister’s longest, most painful heartbreak was a Sula-like heartbreak, where the most important relationship of her life was a woman. And yet she never had a space to acknowledge or honor it until after it was all over. And that idea of the controlling male or the controlling paradigm that tends to leave that story out I think is very, very important.
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I think the average guy thinks they’re pro-woman, just because they think they’re a nice guy and someone has told them that they’re awesome. But the truth is far from it. Unless you are actively, consciously working against the gravitational pull of the culture, you will predictably, thematically, create these sort of fucked-up representations.
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